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Bad presentation. I can't really understand visually what your bus stop is and the wording lost me at "the intent here". bad line
Posted Sep 13, 2009 9:09 PM by VAarchy

this is a cool structure but overall does not resemeble or remind of a bus stop, could be lavatories, or something else.. seems distanced from the idea of sheltering
Posted Sep 24, 2009 2:09 PM by steveds

Bus_stop_board_1-_flat Bus_stop_board_2-_flat
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University of Utah Bus Stop

Submitted by bstev14 on September 09, 2009

The intent here was to give the University of Utah a bus stop that not only gives the campus a more contemporary feel but to enhance the site around it. This concept shown here is two spaces sliding into and out of one another that sit right below the tree line. Being that so many people come to this bus stop from the pay lot behind and the light rail across the street, it was necessary to provide an amply amount of space for everyone. By doing so, this design provides extended coverage space (90 linear feet) for the people needed. This space serves the people who need to take a rest and sit down and/or get out of the sun or harsh weather. Also, it is slipped in right below the tree line. This provides extra shade during the hot summers and sufficient sun during the cold winters of the year. On the ground are pave stones that extend across the street from the outer limits of the new designed bus stop. This provides a new plaza area that lets individuals cross the street immediately after exiting the bus or getting on. Also, it specifies where the bus stop begins and ends to those using vehicles. For night safety, the main space is constructed using translucent panels. These would be provided with lights within the structure so it makes the space like a glowing box, very noticeable at night. On the roof of the main space, photo-voltaic cells would be installed to provide the electricity needed to run the lights behind the translucent panels at night. Over all, this design is what the university needs for a bus stop to keep the pedestrians safe and comfortable while keep waiting for the bus.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah