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Good design with ample seating.The deciduous tree idea is also good, but check your spelling on the word deciduous.woof
Posted Sep 15, 2009 11:09 PM by dumas

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Campus Center Drive Bus Stop

Submitted by gavell1 on September 09, 2009

The reinforced concrete structure folds around the trees and cantilevers out over the waiting/walking space. On top of the concrete structure is light-weight and strong ETFE panels. The panes of ETFE are spaced almost 4 inches apart with an air gap between which traps solar radiation as heat so that snow in the winter will melt off. The top pane has a thin film photovoltaic layer (clear) which provides electricity to light the bus stop at night. The primary shading is the trees – taking advantage of their desiduous properties of shading in the summer, and not in the winter. The seating and openings in the structure are arranged such that people have a choice to sit or stand in sun or shade. Bus route information is embedded into the sidewalk in front of each array of seating. Electrical outlets are provided on a small ledge just behind the seating. Adjustments to the curb include extending a portion out into a no traffic zone, creating an alley of trees approaching or extending from the bus stop. The smaller stop across the street (previously non-existent) provides for the bus line traveling in that direction, and also creates a travel “place.”

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah