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Moving Forward

Submitted by mabry1 on September 09, 2009

Public Transportation is one of the most common means of navigating the University of Utah’s campus. In addition to to the transit system and the sustainable shuttle system, it is common for students to take advantage of the bus system that’s available to them. Although it is free of charge and the inconvenience of having to drive and park a car is eliminated, the experience of waiting for a bus can be unpleasant. Exposure to the elements can make people uncomfortable and interaction with other people is not always desirable. A bus stop that makes the experience more

tolerable if not enjoyable would be welcome by anyone.

The central idea behind the bus stop is to make the time waiting for the bus go by faster. The semi-covered space gives people the option to hide from precipitation or the hot sun, or to enjoy the openness on a beautiful day, The two separated tiered seating components allow people to choose whether they want to socialize or just keep to themselves. Visitors can drink from the water fountain while news, weather, and school announcements are played on the TV monitor that;s powered by the photovoltaic panels located on the roof. The aesthetics of the bus stop also contribute to the pleasant experience of waiting for the bus. The curved shape of the seating and the slanted openings on the back wall create the feeling of motion, which helps take ones mind off the static nature of waiting. The bus stop becomes a place people enjoy visiting and perhaps even a gathering point for a study group or just a friendly meeting.
Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah