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Submitted by quirkdee on September 12, 2009

The idea of transportationvv within a city continues to be a problem not only locally but globally. Increases in greenhouse gases inflate the need to provide more public transportation. Coupled with this concern lives a techonlogy begging for connectivity. To promote wider range of the urban traffic, we propose to combine these needs in iMT:intra-media-transport.

INTRA- functioned from within
MEDIA- routes, virtual, and building
TRANSPORT- routes, virtual, and physical aesthetic

Through the use of vinyl products, the building provides folded stock variants in weaved skin, scrap slices, extruded mold compenents and coated photovoltaics. Thin slices of scrap vinyl weave to create weather tight skin. Larger slices of recylced vinyl are oriented, sliced and coupled to make a honey patterned roof. To comply with honeycomb scraps, a generative creation of cells creats a molded component system that can be assembled through 100% vinyl means. Completing the roof, translucent vinyl coats non-conventional photovoltaic cells like a crown. In opposition, PVC piping of various sizes cradle the delicate structure of the roof and generate the main structure. These function as multi use in roof, floor, and furniture. Floor bends to form wall, and chair becomes counter display. Various types of generic transformable joints are constructed to facilitate the connection of difficult angles. Thermal coils and fiber optics weave in and out of the various tubing creating heat and hard lined connections powered by the sun.

Addressing the other concern of the project, three typologies generate motion and transportiation to the site. Direct connection to the city is major concern, so buses are welcomed to the site by iMT’s sweeping curves. A proposed ‘hyperskin’ displays a real time tracking of bus routes and provides a virtual advertisement space. Complimented by wireless updatws via pda and cell phones. iMT provides a seamless link for business man needing to stay connected. Finally to more energy efficent, photovoltaics absorb and transform the suns energy, facilitating function.

Using these techniques, this proposal intends to provide motion and media by means of virtual and physical space. iMt ccreates a ‘telehub’ that promotes activity between growing professional via mass transit, the innovative use of vinyl products through evolving digital technologies.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah