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Folding Band

Submitted by erarchi on September 16, 2009

Ideas behind this design is provide all facilities in minimum cost. and have minimum maintenance. The design is an attempt to create an URBAN SPACE which generates rich, pleasurable and stimulating experience and a timeless aesthetics to be enjoyed by all.

  1. Its has buffer space used as insulation in hot summer season.
  2. It has Solar Panel ( Renewable energy source ) which provide light to bus stop in night. and also provide light to hoarding.
  3. Seating is provided at different level for different height of people or age. lower level ( Children preferred). middle level ( Ladies preferred ). heights level ( Gents preferred )
  4. Slope roof which avoids water and snow to stop on the roof and it also gives aesthetic form to design.
  5. Opening on both side, which helps public to observe the bus which going to arrive and also display is provided above the opening for the arrival / departure.
Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah