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Very nice, cheerful colors. Modern, elegant, curved shape.
Posted Sep 22, 2009 8:09 AM by SStern

Very nice, user-friendly bus stop!
Posted Sep 22, 2009 8:09 AM by ChloeR

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[ Modern Bus Stop ]

Submitted by novakbozovic on September 17, 2009

[ University of Utah ] [ Bus Stop ]

My proposal for University of Utah bus stop consists of one main curved “corpus”, which could be materialized in lightweight concrete. The inside is divided into two separated spaces – room for bicycles and room for passengers who would like to sit or for those who seek shelter from the rain. This bus stop could be air-conditioned, so it could be enjoyed throughout the whole year.
Besides this “indoor” space, there is also planned “outdoors” for enjoying in summer days and nice weather, which also could be used as the information area.
The main construction consists of three pairs of steel columns. Their role is to “hold” lightweight concrete, or any other material that is used for building the roof slab. They also have very big esthetic role, so that combination of color and light should appeal to users of this space.
Light and color are those factors from which esthetics is consisted from. “Main body” is red-colored, just as the logo of University of Utah, and other parts are in complimentary colors. Light accents important parts of this structure, and “plays” with the environment, making comfortable environment for all users.
There are several ways regarding materialization of University of Utah, Bus Stop. It could be built in traditional ways – concrete, steel and glass, but if we are talking about bigger budget, there are some other materials that could be used, like PVC materials, structural plastics and high-end lightning which could result in highly attractive design.
Now – users. There are several choices for users who come and have to wait for their bus. They can stand in “informational area”, or they can use “indoor” area to sit and read a book or hang out with their friends. For useres who come with tehirs bicycles, there is a parking where they can leave their rides, and wait for the bus inside or in the open space.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah