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Mies Van

Submitted by edankwa on September 19, 2009

A steel and glass shelter that is partly solar-powered to power the status and info screen as well as the lighting and illuminated map and advertisement boards. The “tower” atop the shelter, above the service status screen, doubles as a stop identifier and a solar power collector and storage unit.

The glass panes are silk-screened with service/operator/stop identifiers as large-scale text graphics. The lettering is opaque on clear glass, except behind the benches, where the all-opaque panes have a clear, see-through lettering.

There is space for two illuminated advertisements within the shelter and in front of the shelter stands a separate map display of the surrounding area as well as timetable information. This stand can be used as a “static” map/timetable showcase or as an interactive, networked touch-screen unit, depending on the level of sophistication needed. The smaller status display on the side of the arriving buses gives information about service delays etc. as well as the expected arrival of next buses.

As well as the possibility of making the modular shelter in different sizes to suit the stop needs, on certain stops there may also be a glass-roofed extension like the one shown, acting as extra shelter space as well as a covered way for boarding the bus.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah