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Absolutely amazing design! A true savant in the field of architecture!
Posted Sep 21, 2009 6:09 PM by ErinB

I love the solar panel and use of natural light. Great design
Posted Sep 22, 2009 3:09 AM by nicolewiemholt

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Submitted by shannon2480 on September 21, 2009

Why not have a tech savvy bus stop + using ecological principles in the development. With a solar panel on top this will supply enough power to charge bus users cell phones, ipods, pda’s and laptops. This bus stop provides a more sheltered seating area that still has access to the charging devices and continues to have natural day lighting in the small space from the skylight. The materials used are concrete + glass, whereas concrete is durable against any weather condition.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah