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Interactive Waiting

Submitted by bwhelan on September 22, 2009

in an era of technological advancements, i choose to see the Bus Stop as a public element, creating Interaction and connections in a sustainable and renewable way.
with the use of ready-available materials (2"x 4" timber lengths + recycled aluminium/ plastic/ rubber) the Bus Stop becomes a functioning sculpture, housing its temporary occupants while creating a fulcrum for its surrounds.
in the use of timber, we revert back to the origins of shelter, while using recycled materials connects us to the present.

IDEA. the idea behind this scheme is that, in the materials used, a debate between temporary and permanent is born while creating a proposal of transient structures.
with diversity, the typical monotonous Bus Stop is transformed into a focal point, interacting with its community and enhancing the Bus Stop function.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah