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akyrialanis... beautiful graphics, concept, and design. Well thought out for actual site, multi-use, and adaptability. Best design overall except for ours. Good luck. I hope you get more votes then some of the other trash out there. peace
Posted Sep 22, 2009 8:09 PM by oruchimaru

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Submitted by akyrialanis on September 22, 2009


This bus stop derives straight from the nature; it combines some of the most prominent elements of the nature, wood and water, framed by glass and concrete. The sitting area is a concrete bench that refers to the flow of the water. It penetrates a wooden structure which is the main, covered bus stop area. The wooden structure consists of large wooden beams which occasionally contain a tree – part of the streetscape.

While repeating and transferring the natural elements in the city there are a few alternations in order to adapt into an urban environment; the tree logs have been fractured to provide a cover and shading for the passengers, while they shorten from the street side and inwards to provide the sense of depth and shelter. Besides, the smooth lines and edges of the natural elements in their natural environment are sharpened as they adapt in the streetscape. This sharpness of every element of the bus stop provides a sense of dynamic movement and temporariness that characterize city life and especially traffic and transportation.

The structure is also flexible to adjust in the dimensions of the sidewalks; the fractured logs can become more or less, adding or deducting the bus stop’s depth, depending on the width of the pavement and the streetscape requirements and allowing convenience of the pedestrian movement. The rear side of the bus stop ends with a short concrete wall that facilitates the bus routes, schedules, and advertisements. A glass panel covers the space between the wooden roof and the wall which provides protection from rain and wind. Overall, it is an environmental-friendly structure, adapted not only in the urban landscape, but also in the surrounding rich natural environment of Utah.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah