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Bus Hub by MADdesigns

Submitted by themadempire on September 23, 2009


The concept for this bus stop/hub is to provide a busy university bus route with a stylish and recognisable bus shelter that is a landmark for the university students and can be used as a meeting place.

The design lends itself to the new build and the recycled build – the random design of the glazing gives the opportunity for the use of recycled glazing to be used instead of new glazing. The timber seating pods could also be built from recycled material. The energy requirements of the hub can be met by using environmentally friedly energy generation such as solar. The design allows for the new build or a recycled build depending on the desires of the local people.

The result is a bus shelter/hub that is a visual landmark for the students who will use it and a statement of the style and energy of a university campus area within a busy urban landscape.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah