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The straw bale bus station

Submitted by rmosu on September 25, 2009

A sustainable design should incorporate (at least in great part if not in whole) natural, recycled and recyclable materials. This bus station is made up mostly of straw bales, stone, timber, and recycled metal panels and brick. All these materials can be found lying around us: straw bales on farms, stone around rivers and in the mountains, timber can be responsibly harvested or found in the form of fallen trees, metal and brick can be found in abandoned warehouses, factories, train stations, etc.
The straw bale walls in this bus station are covered with adobe and they create a great barrier against the elements; the openings high above create natural ventilation without exposing the traveler who is waiting inside; the stone base gives the impression of sturdiness and strength; the curved recycled metal roof aids water/snow to drain away from the entrance and helps the wind flow over the structure; the floor inside is recycled brick for a pleasant feel.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah