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Dancing Shaows

Submitted by ukstudent on September 26, 2009

“Lake Effect” in Salt lake city which cause “ Greatest snow on Earth”. This has contributing a factor when Salt Lake City hosted 2002 Winter Olypmics.
My Bus Stop design concept was inspired by the geographical location of the University, the studies of the formation of salt and snow and their structures.

The “room” surrounded by the irregular shape façade with glass protected could be advantage for weather protection . The chairs inside the room were purposely designed to be rectangular to set a huge contrast to the room. The “room” could allow space for ticketing, vending machines etc. Also, wireless for internet involves in this programmed.
The irregular furniture outside the” room” has served for the purpose to stand or lean. And it fits to the site context.
As you all could see, helping with sustainability, I have used solar tube and green roof for better environment.
The bus stop is a form of art and it is definitely eye catching in a far distance.
Do not hesitate to ask for plan, sections and elevations and the design process in details.

Sponsored by the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Transit Authority and The University of Utah