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i wonder why nobody seem to question the current location of the waiting area.

the buses actually seem to stop in that bay just in front of the pedestrian crossing – and not half-way through the street curve – what would be quite dangerous anyway.

the current structure is quite far away and disconnected. so if it is raining, snowing or just very hot, it seems uncomfortable that one must leave the rain/snow/sun shelter and walk quite a bit to reach the point on where to board the bus.

maybe it is reasonable to get rid of a few parking lots and place the waiting area right next to where the buses stop, between the pedestrian crossing and the current location of the hut.

Idea submitted by flipflapflower at July 27, 2009

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Hi there i could'nt agree any more with you. i have done interior drawings but i have problems to upload them. seems does not allow me to do so. Any help how to do it please?
Posted Aug 31, 2009 7:08 AM by M.I.A.-Space

I think we're on the same page. See Site Specfic Shelter...
Posted Sep 08, 2009 5:09 PM by smardon

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