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One key consideration:
time, or the waiting period
I am still surprised it has been mentioned in the consideration list.
the lack of clear and simple information in bus shelters or station is on eof the key issue in order to comfort people (users) and build up confidence on the raliable service the community is supposed to deliver to the public.
The today defiance has build up bad reputation on the public services which today cost more than provide the expected services for the public.
Very costly for the public administration it is still poor designed far too much fancy and not effective. Internationaly, Bus stop is the “shop window” of public services and they are still poorly designed promoting unconvenient service image.
As a unique convergeance point it could a perfect image and well service design driven area, fun attractive and well-coming.
Olivier clerc, service designer.

Idea submitted by olivier at September 11, 2009

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As far as i know, most of the people has to wait for the next bus, the waiting period has to be informed and trusted. Wisely then this waiting area can be opportunity to enhance the public service, not with advertising but a social communication hub in order to promote local community focal points. Each bus stop can be specifically designed in ordert o represent the locality among the public network. each stops can empower local image at it will provide connection to a whole real network of different localities. If a vision of local identities can be integrated in global city or regional network, it will help and enhance the great consideration from the people to their public services. By eluding local identities, public services are missing an opportunity to strengthen the confident and respectful relationship with their users. Considering a bus stop as a local space of physical exchange from users to users and people and public transportation is what will enhance forever a constantly improved and considered service design by users and public services providers, with full respects and longterm considerations. It is not about designing a single bus stop for a global public transportation network, but a modular design enhancing and empowering local identities revealed by a public service provider in total respect for their local users. Each stop is a unique opportunity to reveal local communities' identities. Olivier Clerc, service designer.
Posted Sep 11, 2009 4:09 PM by olivier

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