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A gross assumption is made on behalf of this website in dealing with the issue of public transportation. A bus stop will never increase usage, nor will it do much besides entice young architect students to possibly visit the monumental structure. A adequate proposition to increase ridership would be to expand people’s knowledge of the system AND secondly to increase the locations of public transportation. Instead of trying to centralize public knowledge onto a bus stop, which is already a backwards idea considering most people (who don’t use public transporation) would be in their cars while passing it, we should attempt to scatter the information throughout the city/town/area. Buildings should work as a map for public transportation. There should be a placard on every door to every building showing a map of how to get to that specific point using public transportation. Using graphic design it would help illustrate the ease of use and increase awareness. As a bus traveler even I know that bus routes with their schedules are sometimes confusing so to clarify this information in a simple to read map would be enlightening.

Sorry for the rant.

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Idea submitted by theinkid at September 14, 2009

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Actually this is an experiment to increase public participation in transit planning. To learn more go to
Posted Sep 15, 2009 11:09 PM by annachrism

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